I am an English amateur photographer specializing in botanical photography of mainly desert plants and flowers. There are over 300 species of Arabian plants and 400 species of plants covering the North American Mojave, Colorado and Sonoran deserts. Where possible I have photographed the plant, flowers, fruits and seeds. Close-ups are
a speciality. Every image has a data base.

My collection contains images covering Arabian & North American desert flora & fauna, African wildlife, scenery and places from around the world taken in the many countries that I have lived, worked and travelled in. My images can be purchased as special orders in digital form. Click on Sales for details.

All my images have been taken in the wild at the locations shown. I hope that you will get as much enjoyment looking at these images as
I did tracking them down and capturing them. My desert flora data base is very extensive. Click on Plants & Flowers for detailed lists.

My late wife and I had a book published "The Wild Flowering Plants of Bahrain." Two exhibitions of my photographs were held in  England and Scotland.  I give slide talks/lectures on flora & fauna and our extensive travels. We spent endless months tramping and camping out in the field, over the years, photographing and recording desert flora and fauna and became experts on these subjects with a wealth of knowledge at our disposal.

Plants & Flowers:
Insects & Spiders:
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© Christopher D. Cornes
© Christopher D. Cornes
Taken from Negative.
Big Male Elephant. Amboseli
National Park, Kenya, East Africa.
California Poppies and other flowers at Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, Near Lancaster, California, USA.
© Christopher D. Cornes
Christopher D. Cornes