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300+ Species of Arabian Plants & Flowers, Plus Others.
#P22A13 Arizona Lupine. Titus Canyon.
(Lupinus arizonicus), Leguminosae.
Death Valley National Park, California, USA.
#D4112 Sand Blazing Star.
(Mentzelia involucrata), Loasaceae.
Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA.
#O1906 Beavertail Cactus Flowers
(Opuntia basilaris), Cactaceae.
Short Canyon, Nr. Ridgecrest, California, USA.
#L4207 Morning Glory or Convolvulus.
Convolvulaceae Family.
Our garden in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa.
© Christopher D. Cornes
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#P4101 Bear Poppies
(Arctomecon merriamii), Papaveraceae.
Titus Canyon, Death Valley National
Park, California, USA.
#P35B14 Desert Five Spot Globe.
(Eremalche rotundifolia), Malvaceae.
Poison Canyon, Nr. Trona, California,
#M1414 Desert Lily
(Hesperocallis undulata), Liliaceae.
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park,
California, USA.
#P16A12 Hedgehog Cactus Flower.
(Echinocereus engelmannii), Cactaceae.
Death Valley National Park, California,
#M1517 Primroses among rocks.
(Primula vulgaris), Primulaceae.
Wester Ross, North West Scotland.
#P0517 Turtle Back. Wildrose Canyon.
(Psathyrotes ramoissima), Asteraceae.
Death Valley National Park, California, USA.
#F5015 Indigo Bush Seed Pods, Arroyo S.Wash.
(Psorothamnus fremontii), Leguminosae.
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California, USA.
#O5618 Sand Blossoms.
(Linathus parryae), Polemoniaceae.
Sand Canyon, Nr. Ridgecrest, California, USA.
#O0907 Hole-in-the-Sand
(Nicolletia occidentalis), Asteraceae.
Short Canyon, Nr. Ridgecrest, California, USA.
#P34A09 Desert Mariposa
(Calochortus kennedyi), Liliaceae.
Emigrant Canyon, Death Valley
Nat. Park, Califorina, USA.
#D0719 California Poppies.
(Eschscholzia californica), Papaveraceae.
Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve,
Nr. Lancaster, California, USA.
#F2116 Ocotillo in Flower
(Fouquieria splendens), Fouguieriaceae.
Coyote Canyon, Anza-Borrego Desert
State Park, California, USA.
#O5313 Desert Calico, Short Canyon.
(Langloisia matthewsii), Polemoniaceae.
Nr. Ridgecrest, California, USA.
#H3406 Musk Thistle.
(Carduus nutans), Asteraceae.
Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park,
California, USA.
#O0508 Cotton Thorn Bush
(Tetradymia spinosa), Asteraceae.
Sand Canyon, Nr. Ridgecrest, California, USA.
#D3915 Purple Mat
(Nama demissum), Hydrophyllaceae.
Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA.
#O28A45 Spiny Hop Sage
(Grayia spinosa), Chenopodiaceae.
Short Canyon, Nr. Ridgecrest, California, USA.
#E1710 Desert Mallow.
(Sphaeralcea ambigua), Malvaceae.
Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA.
#O37C03 Desert Canterbury Bells
(Emmenanthe penduliflora), Hydrophyllaceae.
Short Canyon, Nr. Ridgecrest,
California, USA.
#M1917 Dune Primrose Clump
(Oenothera deltoides), Onagraceae.
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park,
California, USA.
#D2908 Dune Primrose Birdcage.
(Oenothera deltoides), Onagraceae.
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park,
California, USA.
#P5118 Rock Lady Maurandya
(Maurandya petrophila), Scrophulariaceae.
Titus Canyon, Death Valley National Park,
California, USA.  (A very rare plant).
#P16A16 Claret Cup Cactus.
(Echinocereus triglochidiatus),
Death Valley National Park, California, USA.
#F0308 Mojave Yuccas
(Yucca schidigera), Liliaceae.
Little Blair Valley, Anza-Borrego Desert
State Park, California, USA.
#O4007 Loco Weed Seed Pods.
(Astragalus lentiginosus), Leguminosae.
Kennedy Meadows, Tulare,
California, USA.
#F6913 Palo Verde Tree, Palo Verde Wash.
(Cercidium floridum), Leguminosae.
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California,
#D2308 Spring Bloom, Clark Valley.
The whole valley was covered in flowers.
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park,
California, USA.
#D6614 Desert Willow Flowers
(Chilopsis linearis), Bignoniaceae.
Smoke Tree Wash, Joshua Tree National Park,
California, USA.
#P07A17 Prickle Leaf Flower
(Hecastocleis shockleyi), Asteraceae.
Titus Canyon, Death Valley National Park,
California, USA. (Rare Plant).
#G0308 Barrel Cactus Buds & Flowers.
(Ferocactus cylindraceus), Cactaceae.
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park,
California, USA.
#G5902 Carpet of Sand Verbena.
(Abronia villosa), Nyctaginaceae.
Borrego Valley, Borrego Springs,
California, USA.
#C4317 Cistanche Plants
(Cistanche tubulosa), Orobanchaceae.
Shoreline & Desert, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#C1905 Calligonum Fruiting
(Calligonum polygonoides), Polygonaceae.
Sandy Areas, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#C2413 Capparis Friut & Seeds.
(Capparis spinosa), Capparaceae.
Mainly near villages, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#C2803 Cassia Flowers
(Cassia italica), Caesalpiniaceae.
Depressions & Run-offs, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#C3615 Glossonema Flowers & Fruit
(Glossonema varians), Asclepiadaceae.
Mostly Jabal Area, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#C4302 Cistanche Plant Erupting.
(Cistanche tubulosa), Orobanchaceae.
Shoreline & Desert, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#C6909 Ripe Dates
(Pheonix dactylifera), Palmae.
Cultivated Areas, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#C5201 Reichardia Flowering
(Reichardia species), Compositae.
Northern backslopes, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#C3106 Desert Thumb
Smells like a dead dog!
(Cynomorium coccineum),
Mainly S.W.Rimrock,
Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#A3910 Tree of Life.
The only tree in the central depression.
(Prosopis juliflora), Mimosaceae.
Central Depression, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#C3018 Prosopis Pods.
(Prosopis juliflora), Mimosaceae.
Villages & Desert, Bahrain,
Arabian Gulf.
#C7102 Zygophyllum Plant
(Zygophyllum qatarense), Zygophyllaceae.
Central Depression, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#C2002 Limonium Flowering
(Limonium axillare), Plumbaginaceae.
Most Saline Areas, Bahrain,
Arabian Gulf.
#C3720 Broom Bush Seeds.
(Leptadenia pyrotechnica), Asclepiadaceae.
South West Wadis,
Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
#C6915 Cultivated Dates Ripening.
(Pheonix dactylifera), Palmae.
Cultivated Areas, Bahrain,
Arabian Gulf.
#C6815 Female Palm Flowers
& tied in male for pollination.
(Pheonix dactylifera), Palmae.
Cultivated Areas, Bahrain,
Arabian Gulf.
#C6806 Date Palm Male Flowers
(Pheonix dactylifera), Palmae.
Cultivated Areas, Bahrain,
Arabian Gulf.
#C0405 Aerva Javanica.
(Aerva javanica), Amaranthaceae.
Jabal Al Dukhan, Bahrain,
Arabian Gulf.
#N5301 Waterlily
Taken in Kew Gardens.
Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, London, UK.
#G6715 Ice Plant (very aptly named).
(Mesembryanthemum crystallinum), Aizoaceae.
Bajamar, Baja California, Mexico.
#N7709 Wild Poppies.
Taken in my garden in Scotland.
Muie, Rogart, Sutherland, Scotland.
#M1602 Sunflower Close-up.
Taken in my garden at Um Al Hassan,
Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.
Plant Species Lists at the bottom of this page.
North American Desert Plants Species Lists
Sunflower Family (Asteraceae).
Spanish Needles
Yellow Head
Paper Flower
Desert Star
Scale Bud
Rabbit Brush
Cotton Thorn
Woolly Marigold
Golden Bush
Desert Pink
Acton Encelia
Rayless Encelia
Golden Eye
Rosin Weed
Coastal Pink
Musk Thistle
Telegraph Plant
Coyote Bush
Desert Fleabane
Silver Puff
Rock Daisy
Desert Aster
Desert Velvet
Cheese Bush
Desert Dandelion
Desert Sunflower
Pebble Pincushion
Fremont Pincushion
Yellow Pincushion
Mojave Pincushion
Linear Leafed Goldenbush
White Tidy Tips
Californian Coreopsis
Woolly Daisy
Musk Thistle
Sea Dahlia
Mule Fat
Coastal Sage
Golden Yarrow
Pearly Everlasting
Desert Chicory
Desert Marigold
Cooper Golden Bush
Desert Pink (Straw)
Goldenhead (Rayless)
Mojave Thistle
(Round Leaf) Rabbit Brush
Snake's Head
Seep Willow
Big Sagebrush
Yellow Frocks
Rayless Woolly Daisy
Yellow Tackstem
Golden Rod
Bur Bush
Arrowweed Pluchea
Chaff Bush
Gravel Ghost
Turtle Back
Mojave Aster
Prickle Leaf
Panamint Daisy
Pygmy Cedar
White Tack Stem
Bug Sagebrush
Spear Leaved Brickell Bush
Trumpet Creeper Family (Bignoniaceae).
Desert Willow
Milkweed Family(Asclepiadaceae).
Climbing Milkweed
Narrow Leaved Milkweed
Rosy Milkweed
Desert Milkweed
Borage Family (Boraginaceae).
White Forget-me-Not
Popcorn Flower
Western Forget-me-Not
Alkali Heliotrope
Scented Forget-me-Not
Golden Forget-me-Not
Piñon Forget-me-Not
Mustard Family (Brassicaceae).
Tansy Mustard
Rock Cress
Prince's Plume
Panamint Prince's Plume
Spectacle Pod
Jewel Flower
Yellow Peppergrass
Desert Alyssum
Acanthus Family(Acanthaceae).
Cashew/Sumac Family (Anarcardiaceae).
Squaw Bush
Amaranth Family (Amaranthaceae).
Fringed Amaranth
Carrot Family (Apiaceae).
Wild Parsley
Agave Family (Agaraceae).
Joshua Tree
Dogbane Family (Apocynaceae).
Ice Plant Family (Aizoaceae).
Ice Plant
Bellflower Family (Campanulaceae).
Thread Stem
Cactus Family (Cactaceae).
Silver or Golden Cholla
Buckhorn Cholla
Teddy Bear Cholla
Jumping or Chain Fruit Cholla
Pencil & Diamond Cholla
Old Man Cactus
Pancake prickly Pear
Prickly pear Cactus
Plains Prickly Pear
Beavertail Cactus
Barrel cactus
Fishhook Barrel Cactus
Fishhook Cactus
Fishhook or Corkseed Cactus
Cottontop Cactus
Hedgehog Cactus
Golden Hedgehog Cactus
Mojave Fishhook Cactus
Mojave Mound Cactus
Organ Pipe Cactus
Senita Cactus
Saguaro or Giant Cactus
Sprawling Cactus
Silver/Strawtop Cholla
Claret Cup Cactus
Caper Family (Capparaceae).
Bladder Pod
Honeysuckle Family (Caprifoliaceae).
Desert Strawberry
Pink Family (Caryophyllaceae).
Green Sandwort
Frost Mat
Goosefoot Family (Chenopodiaceae).
Desert Saltbush
Salt Bush (fourwing)
Desert Holly
Winter Fat
Spiny Hop Sage
Russian Thistle
Morning Glory Family
Piute Morning Glory
Gourd Family (Cucurbitanaceae).
Buffalo Gourd
Coyote Melon
Wild Cucumber
Cypress Family (Cupressaceae).
California Juniper
Sedum/Stonecrop Family
Live Forever (Dudleya saxosa)
Live Forever (Dudleya calcicola)
Joint Fir Family (Ephedraceae).
Ephedra (Mormon Tea)
Green Ephedra
Death Valley Ephedra
Spurge Family (Euphorbiaceae).
Purple Bush
Rattlesnake Weed
Desert Poinsettia
Red Euphorbia
Horsetail Family (Equisetaceae).
Pea Family (Fabaceae/Leguminosae).
Desert Rock Pea
Astragalus or Silky Dalea
Parry Dalea
Smoke Tree
Loco Weed
Layne Locoweed
Indigo Bush
Honey Mesquite
Screwbean Mesquite
Elegant Lupine
Arizona Lupine
Adonis Lupine
Royal Desert Lupine
White Lupine
White Bannered Lupine?
Panamint Lupine
Yelloweye Lupine
Minature Lupine
Pygmy Leaved Lupine
Hairy Lotus
Palo Verde
Red Clover
Stinging Lupine
White Sweet Clover
Desert Senna
Dapple Pod
North American Desert Plants Species Lists
Ocotillo Family (Fouquieriaceae).
Geranium Family (Geraniaceae).
Desert Heron's Bill
Waterleaf Family(Hydrophyllaceae).
Fiesta Flower
Wild Heliotrope
Desert Canterbury Bells
Whispering Bells
Purple Mat
Notch Leaved Phacelia
Freemont Phacelia
Lacy Phacelia
White Phacelia
White Leaved Phacelia
Phacelia (purple throat)
Calthaleaf Phacelia
Death Valley Phacelia
Yellow Phacelia
Three Hearts
Hispid Nama
Baby Blue Eyes
Dodder Family (Cuscutaceae).
Rush Family (Juncaceae).
Iris Leaved Rush
Ratany Family (Krameriaceae).
Lily Family (Liliaceae).
Joshua Tree
Mojave Yucca
Desert Lily
Fringed Onion
Mariposa Lily
Weakstem Mariposa
Desert Mariposa
Our Lord's Candle
Wild Hyacinth
Desert Hyanth
Century Plant
Coastal Agave
Crowned Muilla
Parry's Nolina

Iris Family (Iridaceae).
Blued Eyed Grass
Oak Family (Fagaceae).
Mint Family (Labiatae).
Paper Bag Bush
Vinegar Weed
Desert Lavender
Blue Sage
Black Sage
White Sage
Death Valley Sage
Thistle Sage
Mountain Pennyroyal

Lennoa Family (Lennoaceae).
Sand Plant
Stick Leaf Family (Loasaceae).
Sandpaper Plant
Blazing Stars
Death Valley Blazing Star
Small Blazing Star
Rock Nettle
Death Valley Sandpaper Plant
Gentian Family (Gentianaceae).
Mallow Family (Malvaceae).
Checker Bloom
Checker Mallow
Desert Mallow
Desert Five Spot
Loosestrife Family (Lythraceae).
California Loosestrife
Four O'Clock Family(Nyctaginaceae).
Sticky Ring
Wishbone Bush
Desert Four O'Clock
Giant Four O'Clock
Wetleaf Spiderling
Sand Verbena
Evening Primrose Family

Yellow Cups
Desert Suncup
Mojave Suncup
Woody Bottlewasher
California Fushsia
Brown Eyed Evening Primrose
White Evening Primrose
Tufted Evening Primrose
Brown Eyed Primrose
Mustard Like Primrose
Heart Leaved Primrose
California Primrose
Desert Primrose
Dune Primrose
Plains Primrose
Dune Primrose Bird Cages
Yellow Desert Primrose
Scarlet Gaura
Olive Family (Oleaceae).
Spiny Menodora
Orchid Family (Orchidaceae).
Stream Orchid
Broomrape Family

Burroweed Strangler
Plantain Family (Plantaginaceae).
Poppy Family (Papaveraceae).
Cream Cups
Tree Poppy
Bear Poppy
Prickly Poppy
Matilija Poppy
California Poppy
Desert Gold Poppy
Little Gold Poppy
Peony Family (Paeoniaceae).
Western Peony
Buckwheat Family (Polygonaceae).
California Buckwheat
Heermann Buckwheat
Skeleton Weed
Yellow Turban
Wild Rhubarb
Spiny Plant
Red Chorizanthe
Desert Trumpet
Yellow Eriogonum
Rixford Eriogonum
Panamint Eriogonum
Saucer Plant or Punctured Bract
Bristle Spine Flower
Phlox Family (Polemoniaceae).
Bristly Gilia
Broad Leaved Gilia
Gilia (Pink Lobed Flrs.)
Gilia (Latiflora)
Davy Gilia
Humble Gilia
Threadstem Gilia
Desert Calico
Desert Phlox
Prickly Phlox
Blue Mantle
Woody Blue Mantle
Evening Snow
Lilac Sunbonnet
Sand Blossoms
Sky Pilot
Purslane Family Portulacaceae).
Sand Cress
Red Maids
Miner's Lettuce
Palm Family (Palmae).
Desert Fan Palm
Grass Family (Poaceae).
Fluff Grass
Indian Rice Grass
Grass species?
Grass species?
Primrose Family (Primulaceae).
Southwestern Shooting Star
Pine Family (Pinaceae).
Bristle Pine
Buttercup Family
Desert Larkspur
White Virgin's Bower
Mignonette Family (Resedaceae).
Buckthorn Family (Rhamnaceae).
Mountain Lilac
Rose Family (Rutaceae).
Wild Rose
Cliff Rose
Turpentine Bush
Turpentine Broom
Desert Almond
Mountain Mahogany
Antelope Brush
Madder Family (Rubiaceae).
Figwort Family (Scrophulariaceae).
Yellow Twining Snapdragon
Blue Penstemon
Redstem Monkey Flower
Orange Bush Monkey Flower
Yellow Monkey Flower
Bigelow Monkey Flower
Seep Spring Monkey Flower
Ghost Flower
Owl's Clover
Desert Paintbrush
Desert Indian Paintbrush
Balloon Flower
Scented Beardtongue
Mountain Penstemon
Purple Penstemon
Red Penstemon
Rock Lady Maurandya
Death Valley Mohavea
Jojoba Family (Simmondsiaceae).
Saxifrage Family (Saxifragaceae).
Prairie Star Flower
Nightshade Family (Solanaceae).
Thick Leaved Ground Cherry
Desert Tobacco
Jimson Weed
Peach Thorn
Desert Thorn
Box Thorn
Willow Family (Saliceae).
Freemont Cottonwood
Arroyo Willow
Red Willow
Lizard's Tail Family (Saururaceae).
Yerba Mansa
Caltrop Family (Zygophyllaceae).
Creosote Bush
Puncture Vine
Mistletoe Family (Viscaceae).
California Mistletoe
Grape Family (Vitaceae).
Desert Wild Grape
Cat-Tail Family (Typhaceae).
Cacao Family (Sterculiaceae).
Flannel Bush
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Arabian Deserts (Bahrain) Plants Species Lists + 100 not listed here.
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Carpetweed Family (Aizoaceae).
Aizoon canariense
Aizoom hispanicum
Mesembryanthemum forskahlei
Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum
Sesuvium verrucosum
Amaranth Family (Amaranthaceae).
Aerva javanica
Amaranthus graecizans
Amaranthus viridis
Pink Family (Caryophyllaceae).
Herniaria hemistemon
Herniaria hirsuta
Loeflingia hispanica
Paronychia arabic
Polycarpaea repens
Polycarpaea spicata
Polycarpaea arabicum
Sclerocephalus arabicus
Spergularia bocconii
Silene villosa
Spergula fallax
Spergularia diandra
Spergularia marina
Sphaerocoma aucheri
Goosefoot, Glasswort Family

Anabasis setifera
Atriplex leucoclada
Salsola baryosma
Chenopodium murale

Chenopodium glaucum
Cornulaca monacantha
Cornulaca leucacantha
Haloxylon persicum
Salsola imbricata
Salsola vermiculata
Suaeda eagyptiaca
Suaeda vermiculata
Arthrocnemum macrostachyum
Arthrocnemum salicornicum
Salicornia herbacea
Halocnemum strobilaceum
Halopeplis amplexicaulis
Halopeplis perfoliata
Seidlitzia rosmarinus
Suaeda maritima
Purslane Family

Portulaca oleracea
Portulaca quadrifida
Buckwheat Family

Calligonum polygonoides
Emex spinosus
Rumex vesicarius

Sea-Lavender Family

Limonium axillare
Rockrose Family

Helianthemum kahiricum
Helianthemum lippii
Helianthemum ledifolium
Helianthemum salicifolium
Gourd Family

Citrullus colocynthis
Mustard Family

Anastatica hierochuntica
Brassica tournefortii
Diplotaxis harra
Eruca sativa
Erucaria hispanica
Farsetia heliophila
Morettia parviflora
Raphanus sativus
Savignya parviflora
Sisymbrium irio
Caper Family

Capparis spinosa
Cleome quinquenervia
Mignonette Family

Ochradenus baccatus
Oligomeris linifolia
Reseda muricata
Reseda stenostachya
Sea Heath Family

Frankenia pulverulenta
Tamarisk Family

Tamarix arabica
Tamarix pycnocarpa
Primrose Family

Anagallis arvensis
Samolus valerandi
Mallow Family

Malva aegyptia
Malva parviflora
Lime Family (Tiliaceae).
Corchorus depressus
Spurge Family

Andrachne telephioides
Euphorbia densa
Euphorbia peplus
Euphorbia serpens
Poinciana Family
(Neuradaceae &

Neurada procumbens
Cassia italica
Pea Family (Fabaceae/

Alhagi maurorum
Astragalus annularis
Astragalus corrugatus
Astragalus hauarensis
Astragalus schimperi
Astragalus tribuloides
Hippocrepis bicontorta
Lotus halophilus
Lotus garcinii
Medicago laciniata
Melilotus indica
Ononis reclinata
Taverniera aegyptiaca
Trigonella hamosa
Trigonella stellata  
Mimosa Family

Prosopis farcta
Prosopis juliflora
Rue Family (Rutaceae &

Haphlophyllum species
Cynomorium coccineum
Geranium Family

Erodium glaucophyllum
Erodium laciniatum
Monsonia nivea
Caltrop Family

Fagonia indica
Fagonia ovalifolia
Seetzenia lanata
Zygophyllum qatarense
Zygophyllum simplex
Buckthorn Family

Ziziphus mummularia
Milkweed Family

Calotropis procera
Glossonema varians
Leptadenia pyrotechnica
Madder Family

Gaillonia species
Forget-me-not Family

Arnebia decumbens
Arnebia hispidissima
Echiochilon kotschyi
Gastrocotyle hispida
Heliotropium currasavicum
Heliotropium kotschyi
Heliotropium ramosissimum
Lithospermum incrassatum
Broomrape Family

Cistanche tubulosa
Dodder Family

Cuscuta campestris
Violet Family (Violaceae).
Goosefoot Violet
Plantain Family

Plantago ovata

Scrophularia deserti
Herpestris monnieria
Nightshade Family

Lycium shawii
Withania somnifera
Mangrove Family

Avicennia marina
Mint Family

Salvia aegyptiaca
Teucrium polium
Verbena Family

Phyla nodiflora
Daisy Family

Aster squamatus
Altractylis flava
Calendula aegyptiaca
Eclipta alba
Filago desertorum
Flaveria trinervia
Francoeuria crispa
Pulicaria undulata
Pulicaria gnaphalodes
Ifloga spicata
Koelpinia linearis
Launaea cf cassiniana
Launaea mucronata
Launaea nudicaulis
Pluchea ovalis
Reichardia species
Reichardia tingitana
Scolymus maculatus
Senecio cf glaucus
Sonchus asper
Sonchus oleraceus
Lily Family (Liliaceae).
Dipcardi erythraeum
Asphodelus fistulosa
Arecaceae, Palm Family (Palmae).
Phoenix dactylifera
Rush Family (Juncaceae).
Juncus rigidus
Sedge Family (Cyperaceae).
Cyperus laevigatus = Juncellus laevigatus
Cyperus conglomeratus
Cyperus rotundus
Poaceae, Grass Family (Gramineae).
Stipagrostis plumosa
Stipagrostis socotrana

Cymbopogon species
Cymbopogon schoenanthus
Dichanthium annulatum
Eremopogon foveolatus
Hyparrhenia hirta
Stipa capensis
Panicum turgidum
Pennisetum divisum
Eleusine compressa
Tetrapogon villosus
Aeluropus lagopoides
Aeluropus littoralis
Sporobolus arabicus
Imperata cylindrica
Paspalum vaginatum
Phragmites australis
Chloris gayana
Cynodon dactylon
Dactyloctenium aegyptium
Polypogon monspeliensis
Setaria verticillata
Cenchrus echinatus
Panicum species
Echinochloa colona
Lolium perenne
Schismus barbatus
Sporobolus spicatus

Cat-tail Family (Typhaceae).
Typha domingensis
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